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Escape Room in Barcelona

Welcome to Mystery Escape. Discover now our escape room in Barcelona and immerse yourself in unforgettable adventures to enjoy as a team. Choose the challenge and come through.

You only have 60 minutes!

The challenge in our Escape Room in Barcelona is to solve our games and escape from the room in just 60 minutes.

For large groups

Our 4 game rooms allow the simultaneous participation of up to 26 people.

Experience in 4 languages

Mystery Escape games are available in 4 languages: Spanish, Cata
lan, English and French.

For the entire family

«The Mystery of the Mansion» is suited for adults and children from the age of 10. Therefore, it is a perfect experience to share with the family, celebrate birthdays or plan activities for schools or language academies.

Ideal for companies

Our facilities wide capacity allow us to receive large groups, making us an ideal alternative for activities of companies such as afterworks, team building, assessment, recruitment, training or coaching.

Competition mode

Our 3 identical rooms allow simultaneous competition for up to 21 players. Who will escape first? A unique and exciting experience.

The Vault

Available in 1 room
Players: 3 to 5
Time: 60 minutes
Ages: from 15 years old

A secret bank has been discovered in Barcelona. In it, millions of euros in fortunes from shady clients are being.

Its security is impregnable and now Ubiquss, an international organization dedicated to acting where not even the authorities can, is looking for a team of experts to breach and recover an object of incalculable value that is hidden inside the bank’s impenetrable vault, and leave the place before being detected.

You, your team, a bank with the most sophisticated security systems. You only have one chance.

The Mystery of the Manor

Available in 3 rooms
Players: 3 to 21
Time: 60 minutes
Ages: From 10 years old

A young and wealthy aristocrat, Marie de Meauconduits, was murdered in her Manor at the beginning of the 20th century. No murder weapon, murderer or motive were ever found, however her spirit still remains imprisoned in this same room.

Your team must investigate further this troubling room to discover a way to set the young girl’s spirit free.

By freeing her soul, you will in exchange, get your own freedom back.

An Escape Room in Barcelona for large groups?

3 identical rooms for up to 21 players simultaneously, ideal for corporate events or private celebrations.


Discover all the advantages of our Escape Room for companies. Choose a unique and original activity for your team or clients.

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Private celebrations

For all occasions: birthdays, Bachelorette party, Valentine’s Day, Christmas. Complement that special event with a surprising experience.

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VAT included

Team of 7 – 16€ / player
Team of 6 – 18€ / player
Team of 5 – 20€ / player
Team of 4 – 22€ / player
Team of 3 – 24€ / player

If you are not sure about the total number of players, you can make your reservation for the minimum number of confirmed participants. If they are more than indicated, you can pay the difference in our facilities. If they are less, you will have to report it at least 24 hours before your game session.

All team members must arrive 15 minutes before the time of the scheduled session. This point is of the utmost importance, as it is required to attend to a short brief and receive certain instrucciones before starting the game, without losing the valuable minutes of the activity.

Come and discover our fantastic Escape Room in Barcelona!

Important: If you want to play in teams of more than 7 players, you can call us at +34 930 13 64 19 or check our large groups page.


If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send your message through the different contact channels of Mystery Escape Barcelona.

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