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“We plan a team-building exercise that gathers a dozen Regional and European Sales Directors on a yearly basis. This year we have chosen to try out the brand new game: “Le Mystere du Manoir”. No information was revealed to the participants before playing the game. Therefore,they only found out what the game was about when the briefing started! The comments we received about the game were completely unanimous: all of them enjoyed the experience, with no distinction of age, gender or country of origin.

It is a real teamwork tool: members must listen to each other and every step requires a different skill and way of thinking. All of the members of a team has an important role during the course of the game.”

Christine Ryo – Responsible for Back-office service, France.

Equipe et Development

“In many ways, it is a very interesting game for team coaching. Firstly, it is not only fun to play but also intellectually stimulating: team members finish the game in high spirits and a they get a lot of enthusiasm to take back to work. Besides, since there is never too much time to spare, Mystery Escape’s game has the advantage of not taking much time out of those busy schedules. In second place, the most interesting element of the game is that thought and observation is at two level: the first concerning the observation of individual behaviour within his own team and therefore the possibility of assessing talents to be exploited in the professional world. The other one is the appreciation of how the mystery is solved within the team. Think how related this is to the reality of team work.

This game can considerably generate a team reflexion on how to create an effective dynamic and commitment in their day to day activities, in a similar way to children would naturally behave during their activities.”

Olivier Loustalan – Team and Managerial Coach, France.

Resources & Talents

“The first positive comment: the original concept brought by the game. And also the initial surprise, because we actually do not know what is going to happen later. We are quickly captivated by the game, even without necessarily being passionate about mystery solving and enigmas, as there is a ripple effect: a fun challenge making us want to reach the end of the game.

Speaking from my experience as a coach, it is interesting to watch the team as an outsider and see how they work together in terms of cooperation, as they are not necessarily conscious about it whilst playing the game.
Being successful together means a joint effort based on the intelligence and complementary skills of each member of the team. No one is left out or behind, everyone is committed to find a way to solve the mystery.
Also, there is a challenging aspect to the game as it is possible having 4 teams competing simultaneously in 4 different rooms and then compare the results.

Lastly, the format – 1 h 00 of activity – is also a strong point, as it enables the game to be integrated into a more complete seminar programme, combining work sessions and relaxation.
Mystery Escape facilities are located in a very pleasant area and they have a large reception hall that offers the possibility of celebrating after the game and debriefing in good conditions.”

Laurence Levêque, Team Coach and Team-Building Organiser, France.

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