Welcome to Mystery Escape,
the largest “Live Escape Game” in Europe.

You have only 60 minutes to face the challenge, solve the mystery and escape from the room.

You will experience a “time-travel” adventure into another century. As soon as you step inside the room you will become connoisseurs, immersed in a quest to solve the enigmas, puzzles, and mysteries while you still can.

Sixty minutes of thrilling and excitement. Don’t miss the action. Book with us, now!

4 identical rooms for up to 20 players simultaneously



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New: We adjust the game difficulty to a proper skill level for you.

The biggest challenge of any live escape game is to balance the game’s challenges to the particular skills-level of the players.

Mystery Escape has designed a new adaptive skills level program, which includes a superb game conception, and a tracking toolkit to give the players a perfect flow through experience, enabling a unique experience for every skill level.

Would you like to know the progression of your game in real time?

Easy peasy. Mystery Escape progress management software enables us to track your team’s progress in real-time during each phase of the game. During the session, a Progress View is available for the players.

Be a part of our Honor Roll

Every week, the best teams, those who have managed to escape from the Manor with the shortest time posible will appear in our “Honor Roll” in the Instagram of Mystery Escape Barcelona.

What They Say About Us

  • Twice a year, we organise a seminar between the technical teams of our partners and those of Check Point during which we systematically include a team-building exercise. This year, a choice was unanimously agreed in favour of the Mystery Escape game: “Le Mystere du Manoir”... Read More–Anthony Bali – Security Engineer - Check Point France

  • They therefore only discovered what the game was about during the briefing! The thoughts about the game were completely unanimous: everyone enjoyed it regardless of age, gender or country of origin... Read More–Christine Ryo - Responsible for Back-office service - Catimini

  • It is a very interesting game for team coaching in many ways. First of all, it is fun to play and intellectually stimulating: participants come out of the game in high spirits and a lot of enthusiasm to take back to work... Read More–Olivier Loustalan – team and managerial coach - Equipe et Development

  • First positive point: the novelty brought by the game. And beyond the initial surprise, because we really don’t know what is going to happen and how, we are quickly engrossed in the game, without necessarily being passionate about mysteries and enigmas, as there is a ripple effect, a fun side making us want to reach the end of the game... Read More–Laurence Levêque - team coach and team-building organiser - Ressources et Talents