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A TV series adapted into an escape game?

In 2016, our first major collaboration arrived. Together with TV3 and Mediapro, we made the first adaptation of a television series into an escape game. In this way, fans of the successful series “Nit i dia” had the opportunity to become direct protagonists of the story for 60 minutes. This innovative action not only meant a great challenge for Mystery Escape but also helped promote the collective knowledge of live escape games.

An escape room with Grupo Planeta and Dan Brown!

«Escape room Universo Dan Brown»

An escape room to express a philosophy

“El Gran Secreto de Ogilvy”

Together with the renowned agency Ogilvy, we carried out an interesting exportable game experience adapted to their values and philosophy. The main objective of the activity was to introduce aspects related to the company’s DNA among its collaborators, increasing their involvement and sense of belonging. The results allowed us to strengthen the concept of the escape room as an effective tool, also in the field of internal communication.

An innovative marketing action

“La muerte del Dr. Khoza”

For a good cause


Together with Catalunya Alzheimer Fundació and 30 other escape rooms in Catalonia, we participated in a fundraising event. On September 21st, we allocated a percentage of the income generated by reservations in our escape room to social programs that support families fighting against Alzheimer’s.

The Formula for Success

Design of an exclusive exportable escape room for Esade

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