Tips for your first Escape room

When you decide to do an escape room for the first time, choose your adventure companions. It can be a group with participants who already have experience or all beginners. Any combination is good to enjoy the experience.

When choosing a game room, pay attention to the difficulty level and match it to your group’s expectations. Don’t try to start with the most difficult ones, you need to gain experience to reach the highest level.

At Mystery Escape, we want to give you the most useful advice applicable to any game:

1. Attention to details

Pay attention to the game’s presentation, the Game Masters will explain everything you need to know so that your mind can immerse itself in the story.

They will give you tips and rules to apply while inside the room.

Explore the room consciously, any detail can be extremely important to solve a puzzle. Not everything will be visible at first glance, search for hiding places, hidden compartments, anything. Leave no corner unchecked!

2. Order

At Mystery Escape, there are many objects that will help you throughout the adventure to escape. The more organized you are, the less time you will waste searching for what you need.

Leave everything in a specific place, emotions and the feeling that time is running out can make you lose sight of some details. Leave everything in the same place so that you can easily find it when you think it’s necessary.

The less time remains, the more nervous the group becomes, and you won’t want to waste time on anything other than solving the puzzles.

3. Communication

An escape room is a team game and as such, communication among all participants is crucial. Nobody is smarter or less clever, any idea is valid.

Put shyness aside and express yourself, even if it sounds crazy, your idea could be the key to solving the puzzle that is resisting you.


If after these tips for your first escape room, you feel ready to immerse yourself in this adventure, do not hesitate to contact us.

Come and enjoy the experience at Mystery Escape. We’re waiting for you!

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