The Mystery of the Manor

A young and wealthy aristocrat, Marie de Meauconduits, was murdered in her Manor at the beginning of the 20th century. Astonishingly, no murder weapon, murderer, or motive were ever found. However, her spirit still remains imprisoned in this same room.

Consequently, it is imperative that your team investigates further this troubling room to discover a way to set the young girl’s spirit free. By freeing her soul, you will, in exchange, regain your own freedom back.

Remember, you have 60 minutes!

Welcome to Mystery Escape Barcelona: The most innovative and entertaining escape room in Barcelona. Join us and be part of an adventure from another century through a magical time journey of joy. In this captivating experience, you will become a masterful detective, unraveling mysteries and solving enigmas to ultimately achieve your goal: release Marie de Meauconduits’ soul and get out of the room.


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Spanish | English | Catalan | French

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If you are not sure about the total number of players, you can make your reservation for the minimum number of confirmed participants. If they are more than indicated, you can simply pay the difference in our facilities. In case of being less, you will have to report it at least 24 hours before your game session.

Furthermore, it is crucial that all team members must arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled session. This is of utmost importance because it allows us to provide a short briefing and give specific instructions before the game begins.

Including VAT
Team of 7 – 16€ / player
Team of 6 – 18€ / player
Team of 5 – 20€ / player
Team of 4 – 22€ / player
Team of 3 – 24€ / player

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Important: If you want to play in teams of more than 7 people, you can call us at +34 930 13 64 19 or check our large groups page.