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How many people can play?

We count with up to for identical room with capacity for up to 20 people playing at the same time and 40 in two rounds.

What happens during a session in Mystery Escape?

A session lasts 1:30h with a briefing of 15 minutes, 1 hour of playtime and 15 minutes to share the experience between participants.

Additionally, we can offer complementary services according to your needs:

– Catering for participants.
– Monitoring Centre of Mystery Escape
– Coaching sessions with expert professionals in teamwork and teambuilding.

Development of the activities in a game starting at 18:00:
– 17h45: Players arrival, team selection and briefing.
– 18h00: Beginning of the game.
– 19h00: End of game; informative activities and pictures.
– 19h15: End of activity.

We also offer the possibility of exclusive use of the rooms for a welcome cocktail.

Welcome and game offered in Spanish, Catalan

English or French on request

For more information and a personalized budget with no strings attached, please fill the contact form to the right.

Our Services

Team building

Are you looking for an activity to motivate, increase the enthusiasm, stimulate the energy in your team, develop cooperation spirit and personal skills to reach your corporate skills in an innovative and refreshing way?

As a Company, a play session in Mystery Escape is ideal to increase the lateral thinking and creativity, and it also allows team building. Our game has been designed specifically to be a part of seminars, meetings, strategic cohesion sessions, training or any other corporate event.

Besides, it helps to improve team cohesion, shows the power of cooperative working, enhances transversal communication and personal development, while it also encourage participation and enjoyment.

Team observation from the Monitoring Centre of Mystery Escape

What better way to understand and stimulate your team development than participate in a problem-solving activity that is fascinating and fun? Meanwhile, you can watch how your team trust each other, the way they communicate and how they handle aspects such as time management, planning and execution. Everything in just a playing session!

Mystery Escape offers the team manager the possibility to access to the Monitoring Centre, which is ideal for a close observation of the team performance. Coaches, trainers or instructors can also access to the Centre to actively observe their team during the session.

Coaching professional

By request, Mystery Escape may organise training sessions specifically designed for teams, in different languages and with certified coaches. All our professional coaches count has a minimum of 15 years of wide experience in different business sectors and functional areas.

Our certified professionals base their coaching sessions in a wide repertoire of resources and experiences that generates strategic value for executives and companies.

Nevertheless, preference of styles and compatibility play a preponderant role in the success of coaching session. Therefore, it is important that trainer and client can stablish a direct contact to define the objective and desired outcome during the training session.

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They talk about us

  • Somos un grupo de directivos que estamos acostumbrados a realizar diferentes actividades de team-building, pero esta vez queríamos realizar una actividad divertida, aprovechando la ocasión como parte de la fiesta de despedida de una de nuestras compañeras.–Sabrina Molina Gallardo - Directora Servicio de Atención Primària Vallès Oriental - Generalitat de Catalunya

  • Fuimos al Mystery Escape para un team building y fue un gran éxito. El lugar es muy bueno. Hay varias habitaciones, con capacidad para un grupo grande como el que éramos. El juego promueve la colaboración del equipo y también es divertido. La habitación estaba bien preparada con buenas pistas y accesorios. También recibimos un buen apoyo para asegurar que no nos quedábamos atascado en una etapa.–Jean-Philippe Dubost - Marketing Manager – Vistaprint Winter

  • Gracias a Mystery Escape pudimos hacer una gran actividad de team building con todo el equipo de First Line Managers de Swarovski durante unos de nuestros meeting trimestral. Fue una noche llena de sorpresas, intrigas y diversión! Además de la competición que se creó entre los diferentes grupos. Organizamos la actividad más por un tema de cohesión pero permite destacar muchas competencias como la escucha, la toma de decisión, el liderazgo, el trabajo en equipo, etc.–Anais Beranger - HR Specialist – Swarovski Iberica

  • Es una verdadera herramienta para el team-building: los miembros de cada equipo deben escucharse entre ellos y para avanzar, se requieren diferentes habilidades. Por eso, cada miembro del equipo asume un rol de importancia durante el progreso de la experiencia".–Christine Ryo - Responsable de Back-office Service – Catimini